Thermal Compaction Group (TCG)’s Sterimelt technology is taking what is described as single-use plastic out of what is a very expensive waste stream, reclaiming the plastics and engineering it back into an inert source of polypropylene which is then repurposed into multiple products.

 We have had several organisations such as IHSS (Decontamination & Sterile Service Solutions), Globus Group Healthcare & Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust alongside our existing hospital customers such as University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust & Aneurin Bevan University Health Board all adopting our innovative technology for an on-site solution. Specifically to repurpose their own plastic waste and that of their customers.
Many of whom have become more consciously aware of the plastic waste mountains created by the pandemic.

Pete Lee, head of Quality at Globus Group Healthcare. "As well as reducing our carbon footprint through European manufacturing, we are leading the way by investing in innovative production processes that are designed to reduce the use of single-use plastics. The CurtainMelt machine is a fundamental part of our process to re-purpose and utilise waste material to achieve a circular economy.

Mathew Rapson - TCG Managing Director said;
“We have international companies such as GreenCycl in Holland who have also taken up our technology and are working in partnership with us to develop bi-products of the once plastic “waste” now a resource.

Majid El Mortadi, GreenCycl co-founder said;
"The urgency with which we need to tackle the problem of single-use plastic waste in the health service cannot be overstated. Hospitals are a big consumer of single-use plastic items, and because of the contamination risk, these products have previously gone to landfill.

Tim Hourahine TCG's Compliance and Resource Recovery Specialist added;
“Thermal Compaction Group (TCG)’s main goal has always been to assist in creating a circular economy moving away from a linear one.
This is now made possible through collaboration and the adoption of true disruptive innovation.

Would you like to join us on this incredible journey.”

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