Contrary to information put out by media channels such as the BBC, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is 100% recyclable and 1000's of tonnes of polystyrene are recycled every year in the UK. Re-processed EPS can be manufactured into items such as beach huts, picnic benches, fence panels and picture frames.
A recent BBC news article clearly shows that the majority of councils do not accept 'polystyrene'. This begins to send out the wrong message that polystyrene cannot be recycled. Yet Councils will happily bale light plastic polyethylene film(LDPE) for its residual value, but turn away EPS which currently has a higher commodity value than PE film in the re-processing chain. Councils appear happy to spend circa £30 per one metre cube to landfill EPS, which is 98% air.
With ever increasing pressure applied to Council budgets it just doesn't figure that this single use packaging polymer has not warranted a solution. Perhaps its purely a weight issue and the Councils don't deem it important enough to address, who knows...??
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Thermal Compaction Group (TCG) have a very simple and clean solution to address this issue for all Councils, and industry too.
It's called STYROMELT.
Styromelt re-engineers the original manufacturing process using controlled heat. Styromelt can be filled in a few minutes, press one button to start the process, which then free's up the operator to carry on other duties, such as the labour intensive routines of baling film plastic and cardboard.
The Styromelt process produces a solid block of polystyrene which is sanitised, can be stored outside and is imperveous to the elements or infestions. 
Styromelt is the polar opposite to hydraulic compaction which is labour intensive as it needs constant feeding, is messy as it tends to crumble, only compacts to around 40% of original size where Styromelt reduces volume by 90%.
The Styromelt blocks have really good commercial value, which, depending on the tonnage involved, TCG can also arrange collection of with its strategic and collaborative partners.
In simple financial terms, if a council processed 1 ton of EPS per week, the payback on a capitol spend would be 17 months and thereafter the Council would continue to earn circa £1500 per month revenue.
With the public sector "invest to save" model, this has to be a huge consideration for increasing recycling rates for domestic recycling.
Have a look at the video of the Styromelt process HERE (Its at the bottom of the webpage)

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