Snowden & Co. is a highly established frozen and fresh fish supplier based in Wales. With an 84-year heritage in the industry, we source the finest fish from all over the world to distribute among Cardiff’s premier restaurants and catering businesses.

Paul Male & Paul Lane as well as the rest of the team from Snowdens of Cardiff deserve high praise for their forward-thinking approach to waste management. Moving from the older StyroMelt Mark 1.0 to the advanced StyroMelt 2.0 from Thermal Compaction Group (TCG) reflects their commitment to cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship. The significant reduction in waste, from 10 skips per week to now having two full pallets of recyclable briquettes, not only attests to the efficiency of the upgraded unit but also underscores Snowdens' dedication tor sustainable business practices.
Against the backdrop of recent environmental regulations, including the Welsh Governments
ban on single-use plastics in Wales, Snowdens stands out as a trailblazer in the seafood industry. The StyroMelt's role in offering a second life to polystyrene fish box waste has not only ensured compliance but has also been instrumental in reducing their carbon footprint. By choosing the StyroMelt 2.0, Snowdens is actively contributing to the industry's collective effort to move towards carbon net zero.
This proactive approach aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainable practices, and Snowdens' commitment to minimising environmental impact positions them as a leader in the quest for eco-friendly operations. We are honoured to support Snowdens in their journey towards a more sustainable and environmental responsible seafood industry.
Paul and Paul Snowdens
Paul Male and Paul Lane of Snowdens Fish Merchants with their uprated Styromelt Polystyrene recovery solution